Sunday, 13 May 2012

Macau / Hong Kong / China Trip Feb 2013

This is my father, the photo was taken on End of February 2012 during our family + company trip to Hatyai, Thailand

We feel happy and thanks gods, to give a chance in life... and get to know this magic herbs..

End Of April 2011 - Father "suddenly" fall sicks and admitted into hospital. He cannot walk or move his legs at all, numb. We all thought that he got stroke.. PSA > 500 (blood test in Sri Kota, unable to get the actual figure). Unable pass urine by himself, using catheter. Stage 4 prostate cancer, spread to spine. Remove tumor that compressed nerves, but still have uncountable tumors along spine.

12/05/2011 - PSA 750 (blood test in Malaya Hospital), 10 days after SSG treatment, seems no improvement ??? Start his 5 times radiotherapy. Unable pass urine by himself, using catheter. Still cannot walk, weak..

21/06/2011 - PSA 100.50 (blood test in Malaya Hospital), 45 days after SSG treatment.. Unbelievable.. even the figure still far from the normal index. Unable pass urine by himself, using catheter. Body start recover, can walk little by using walking frame

07/07/2011 - Have an injection "Lucrin", is a type of hormone therapy, can last for 3 months. Unable pass urine by himself, using catheter. Continue SSG treatment

28/08/2011 - PSA 24 (blood test in BP lab), almost 4 month SSG treatment. Finally can pass urine without using catheter. Continue SSG treatment, reduced dosage. Good improvement, can walk using sticks only

27/09/2011 - Small surgery to remove his testis. Continue SSG treatment, reduced dosage

30/10/2011 - PSA 36 (blood test in BP lab). Somethings looks abnormal from PSA index.. Continue SSG treatment, reduced dosage

30/01/2012 - PSA 35 (blood test in BP lab). Continue SSG treatment, reduced dosage

13/04/2012 - PSA 20.1 (blood test in BP lab). SSG treatment by capsules type start on Feb 2012 (3 caps daily)

26/04/2012 - Visit urology specialist in Bangsar. After checkup, doctor reported that the prostate is in good condition, no any further treatment required. Now, he can "FLY"...hahah...

12/10/2012 - PSA level --> 12, No further metastatic

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  1. hi, my father having prostate cancer too. Can I know how many SSG he should take?