Our SSG Products (100% Homemade)

Our SSG Products - 100%  homemade & pure without mixing with others herbs (unless otherwise stated),  No Preservative, No Artificial Flavour & Colouring, naturally growth without pesticide and only produced with quality and well growth leaves

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SSG Capsule Pure (30/60/90 capsules)

Sabah Snake Grass - SSG Capsule (Pure)
SSG Capsule 
(90 capsules per pack, others packing size also available)

SSG Capsules (60/90) New Packing

And Now...
MAGic Life - The Magic In Your Life
(30/60/90 capsules of SSG)

SSG Tea Bag Pure (20 tea bags)

SSG Tea Bag (Make from freshly dried Sabah Snake Grass Leaves, Pure, NOT mixed with others herbs)

SSG Tea Bag


SSG Vitality Tea Bag (20 tea bags, mixed herbs)

This is SSG vitality Tea bag (SSG with mixed herbs)

Lemon Grass Tea Bag (20 tea bags)

Lemon Grass Tea Bag (Make from freshly dried lemongrass, Pure)
Lemon Grass Tea Bag

Lemon Grass Tea