Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Father & me

I was diagnosed with Breast cancer stage 3 in year 2008 at my age of 31. I went for surgery, chemotherapy and also radiotherapy.. I spend 7 months to do all these tiring treatment. For these few years, i still worry the recurrence in future..

One day in beginning of 2011, i receive a email, saying that a stage 4 cancer patient was cured after taking this SSG. Amazing !!! I quickly ask my relative try to get one for me...

At the same time, my father suddenly lost his power to walk at all, oneday in midnight, April 2011, we all thought that he got stroke. We quickly sent him to hospital. After do all scanning & blood test, doctor suspect he have stage 4 postate cancer spread to spine and suggest to send him to government hospital, due to long time treatment will spend alot of $$, that will be a burden because we have 2 cancer patients in family.

In the same day afternoon, we send him to goverment hospital, and was arranged to do the surgery to remove the tumor that compressed on nerves. From the MRI scan film, we saw the was uncountable tumor along spine & PSA shoot upto 750 while healthy man is less than 4, we feel so sad.. how we going to make these disappear?? We worry father will just leave us in short period... He getting weaker and thin...
 This is the 1st blood test report on April 2011

After get his consent, we let him to start SSG treatment immediately..

10 days after treatment (12/05/11), seems donnot have a significant improvement... but we continued to let him have the SSG due to doctor give up and didnot give any further treatment.

In month May & June, follow up to do the physiotherapy, 5x radiotherapy, and normal checking without medicine was given by doctor.. 21/06/11, follow up again + blood test, this time the PSA shown 100.50!!! HURRAY!!! It drop from 750 to 100.5 in just one month++... This is what we unexpected...

Until today, the good news is that, PSA drop to 24 (28/08/11). It approaching to normal step by step... We all waiting the day...coming soon within these 1-2 months... all will back to normal...

This is the blood test report on end of Aug 2011

I wish.... i can have more enjoyable time with my dearest parents and family... Nothing is more important than family...

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  1. Dear Angela,
    Can diabetic patients consume SSG?
    What dosage do you recommend?